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What is Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)?

Payment protection insurance which is often known as PPI, loan protection insurance, credit protection insurance is an insurance product designed to protect your outstanding debt. The insurance is usually sold alongside loans, credit cars and mortgages.

How Can I Check For If I Have PPI?

The easiest way to check if you have PPI against any financial product is to check your credit agreement or check your bankstatement as the PPI fee is usually a seperate charge taken from your account. If you cannot find the information please contact one of our registred claim mangement companies or solicitors who will be more than happy to help you find the information reagrding the PPI policy on your account.

If My Loan Has Been Paid Off Can I Still Claim?

You can still make a claim if your loan has been paid off. Please contact one of the solicitors or claims mangement companies to find out how much you could claim for on a financial product that has been paid off.

How Long Can The Claim Process Take?

There is no exact timescale for PPI claims as each case is taken on an individual basis and circumstances. Infomation from solicitors and claims management companies has shown us the average claim can be processed within 12 weeks but some cases have been processed in less than 4 weeks. (ref: Dunham Law, Legal Bureau)

Have I Been Missold Payment Protection insurance?

If you believe you were missold payment protectioninsurance please fill in the enquiry form on our hompage so a specialist claim advisor or solicitor can contact you with futher information. There are many reasons why the insurance was missold including: 1. You were self employed when the poilcy was sold to you. 2. The advisor said to you that you cant get the finance without the payment protection insurance. 3. The advisor did not explain the full terms and conditions regading the insurance you were taking out. 4. You were told or sold the wrong thing. (ref:

Can I Make More Than One Claim?

Yes you can make more than one claim with our registered solicitors and claim mangement companies. Please make sure each claim information is entered correctly so you can see the best deal offered by the solicitors or CMC (Claims Management company).

Can I Do The Claim Myself?

The answer to this question is yes but please remember that using an experienced solicitor or claims management company you are more likely to get the best results as our recent customer survey revealed. We recommed chosing a solicitor or claims mangement company that has got a good track record in processing your claim in the shortest time period. We also recommend to check what fees are being charged by the solcitors or claim management companies as some solcitors are more expensive than claim mangement companies and vice versa.

Why Use The PPI Claim Engine For My Claim?

The main reason to use The PPI Claim Engine is you can compare claims mangement companies and solcitors on one website and this enables you to keep more compensation by not being overcharged for your PPI claim or chosing blindly. We have spoken to customers who have been charged in excess of 40% of the claim total by solcitors and claims mangement companies. We are here to help you find and chose a company through customer recommendations and percentages charged by solcitors and claims mangement companies. All companies registered on The PPI Claim Engine offer a no win no fee service so you are guarnteed not to pay a penny if your claim is not won by the registered claim company or solcitor.

How Much Does It Cost To Use The PPI Claim Engine?

Our service is 100% free and you will not be charged a penny for using the service. You can submit as many claims as you like and there is absouloutly no charge whatsover. We also recommend you tell your friends and family about the service as this is one free service you would not want to miss out on.

Where Are The PPI Claim Engine Based?

Our offices are based at Vanguard House, Unit CAB, Merchants Quay, Saford Quays, Manchester, M50 3ST. You can telephone us on the telephone number 0844 358 0381 and email us on
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